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Mobile App Development Trends 2022

1 week ago / Start Tech / Posted in: web development

Smartphone users need applications that help them facilitate their lives, accomplish their work and make the most of their phone, as there are trends for the development of mobile applications for 2022 to help them in a more efficient and comfortable experience.
- Super Applications
It is a new trend to develop mobile apps as it is a comprehensive and more convenient solution for people who do not prefer to implement many actions in different apps and provides high quality services and allows a multifaceted experience, by providing varied services and transport services, online investment applications and others, moreover “, it enables local or foreign retailers to easily access markets.
The number of new potential consumers connecting to the Internet is increasing for the first time, so some companies are developing mobile apps in an attempt to capture these newcomers, through its ability to provide them with effective ways to quickly access services and goods via direct distribution channels.
- E-Learning Market
Mobile learning is one of the most promising trends in the development of mobile apps, especially given the coronavirus pandemic, and it seems more important than ever, as well as providing users with access to 24/7 learning content and great flexibility.
- Increased use of 5G technology
5G technology is one of the most popular mobile technology trends It offers high-speed performance, new opportunities to build augmented reality and virtual reality applications In addition to this, security payment due to the speed of biometric data processing, According to projections, 5G connections will grow to 40% of all connections in Europe and 15% of all mobile connections worldwide by 2025.

- Sound Technology
Voice technology will be one of the most popular mobile app development trends in the near future, and the volume of the voice recognition market is expected to grow by the next few years, as voice recognition technology allows people to use voice commands to power devices and conduct internet searches.
The retail industry can take advantage of sound technology to provide a great voice-activated shopping service, as well as the payment and payment experience, and herald tremendous promises for mobile apps right now.
- Augmented and Virtual Reality
The development of augmented and virtual reality is one of the most important trends in the development of mobile applications this year, opening up many distinctive opportunities for companies by making the customer experience more efficient and comfortable, and comprehensive analyses to better understand consumer behavior to promote the company's products more effectively, and by trying almost many products.
This technology will be increasingly used in games, real estate, travel, health care, education, entertainment and many other industries.
- P2P Payment Applications
P2P is another trend to develop mobile apps, as these apps allow users to transfer money from one person to other people from their cards or bank accounts connected to the app, People can also shop online, buy required products or services, pay rent, transfer money to the desired user, etc. and some companies are expected to expand payment options for their customers by applying technologies such as blockchain and cryptocurrency.
- E-commerce trend growth
Mobile commerce makes the shopping and payment experience smoother and more convenient, allowing people to buy online anywhere and only in time with their mobile devices, and the mobile commerce trend will continue to rise, as the global mobile payment market is expected to reach $12.06 trillion by 2027, according to Market Research.

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