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Everything you need to know about the e-SIM digital

6 months ago / Start Tech / Posted in: mobile application

The e-SIM digital card is considered the developed generation of traditional cards, as it supports the latest smartphone models from most international companies, and this card comes built-in permanently installed in the smartphone, does not take up much space from the device and will be better and easier for the user.

The user may not want to use the "e-SIM" technology immediately with his smartphone, although nothing will change when making phone calls or surfing the internet, and once activated, the card will contain the same data, like a traditional SIM card.

The main features of the e-SIM digital

* The main advantage of this card is to easily switch between networks automatically, smoothly, easily and very quickly, instead of ordering a new SIM card, and this chip also enables you to store up to five virtual SIM cards on one e-SIM at a time.
* It easily picks up the network if you are in an area without a signal on your usual network, allowing you to travel and get around anywhere at much lower connection costs than a traditional card, and this card, enables you to add a local plan to your device, in case you are outside the country.
* Each digital card, is equal to two chips from the traditional card, that is, you can get two phone numbers on one device, where you can customize the use of a work number and another personal number through the chip settings, in addition, you can adjust the settings of this chip by receiving phone calls and texts on both numbers all the time, you can also disable one of them and keep the other working to your liking.

What are the possible negative aspects of e-SIM cards?

It is not easy for you to change the card, quickly, in case of any sudden malfunction, but to avoid this, you can store everything that belongs to you on a cloud application to make it easier for you to transfer all your important information such as contacts from one phone to another, in addition to the inability to remove from the phone; but this feature is really designed to protect your phone from theft, so they cannot easily hide the location of the stolen phone.
It is expected that in the future, smartphone manufacturers will place this card, inside the phone in order to take advantage of its space to increase the size of the phone's battery, as well as inside the speakers in the future.

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