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CABSAT annual event at Dubai World Trade Center

6 months ago / Start Tech / Posted in: General

Dubai seeks to establish itself at the forefront and to be the first global beacon to highlight the talent and opportunities, which it has in the field of exhibitions, conferences and various events that are guided from all sides.

The three-day CABSAT annual event, which began on May 17, at Dubai World Trade Centre, is a landmark event with the participation of 200 brands from 35 countries, including: "Meta", Twitter, Dubai Media City, Rotana group, MBC, Dubai Creative Media Authority and Abu Dhabi games and E-Sports Initiative, where the exhibition brought together decision makers working in various fields of the telecommunications, satellite, entertainment and media sectors.

CABSAT brought together industry experts from around the world during eight conferences, including the content Conference to explore the latest trends in non-fungible tokens, metaverse, online streaming competitions, social media platform content, podcasts, vlogs, music content, the future of startups conference, which discussed the future of media technologies, and the Digital Center conference, among others, to unveil the plans for the continuation and growth of small businesses in the field of on Network content .

The event highlighted the role played by technology in many sectors, mobile communications, commercial companies and the maritime, space and other sectors in order to provide companies and those interested in these areas with the latest developments as well as to highlight Dubai in the content industry as a leading center in the development of this field.

At the event, France had a special presence, where 13 French companies participated and the director of the communications / broadcasting unit at Business France said that the Middle East is witnessing an increasing growth in digital media consumption where French specialists in the audiovisual, broadcast, imaging and satellite industries can provide the right solutions to help create efficient and successful content.

In the same context, Dubai's participation in the “CABSAT" event has supported the exchange of, experiences, knowledge and insights for the advancement of the media and content industries, and has made Dubai the ideal and leading platform for Arab media.

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