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About Start Tech

Start Tech is a customer centric tech startup, concentrating on generating results via measurable and effective solutions that not only entertain our clients but also enhance their workflow and raise their brand awareness that improves their position in markets. Worldwide reputation is the Dream of every company and we want to achieveit through Hard Work.

Start Tech was inspired by Toy Breaks and Children in general, and that’s because, just like kids, our company is extroverted; which has a huge impact on exposure to people and ideas and that in turn makes our chances in working in passion way better.

Our vision

We are a company that is specialized with all kinds of technical support and digital marketing, in addition to translation and content. We default to expecting success;
we aim in the first place to become one of Prime Performers in the technical world by providing highly innovativeservices that will driveour clients’ business towards growth and we can provide technical solutions to everyday problems.

Our values

Our team was trained by skilled hands and great experiences, and they tend to become absorbed in whatever they’re doing and get lost in their tasks in order to deliver a great service to all of our clients, and that kind of focus can heighten their creativity at work.
That’s why we are 100% committed to your satisfaction and to meet your goals. Therefore, Start Tech is keen to provide the best business to all its customers with constant follow-up and supervision.