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Start Tech FAQ

Digital marketing plays a role in directing the right customers to your website. Frequently asked questions related to this field may help answer any question that may come to your mind regarding digital marketing.
So we will show you the most common questions that the public has about this field.

1- What do our digital marketing services provide?

As we are a full-service digital agency, we can provide all requirements of your digital marketing process, such as web design and development, search engine optimization (SEO), mobile app design and development, CRM solutions, translation, content writing, digital marketing and development.... etc. We will do everything for you.

2- Do you really need a website?

The majority of customers search and find companies online before making any purchase. Therefore, it is necessary to have your own website in order to enhance your presence in the market and increase your brand awareness as the website is an unlimited avenue for marketing and e-commerce.

3- What content should your website contain?

Every company is different, so every site will be different from the other, but as basics, the site should contain: Home, About, Contact, Services...etc. In addition, each company must ensure a unique site in all respects. Startech is here to make that easy for you.

4- What are the best social media platforms for your business?

A presence on social media is critical for all businesses that want to move forward. Every company will have different needs and requirements for social media, so, in the beginning you will have to define the target audience and social media goals to reach the best platforms for your business.

5- What is the purpose of using social media in the marketing process?

Social media increases awareness of your brand and allows businesses to connect with their audience by providing information about products and services and offering special experiences and offers so businesses can nurture potential customers.

6- How much do your services cost?

We do not have a fixed cost, the cost will be based on the services you request to achieve your goal, and in addition to that we offer customized offers for each of our clients.

7- Do you work with other agencies?

Although, we do not outsource any of our clients’ work, we are more than happy to take on work from other agencies.

8- What sort of business do you work with?

Thanks to a team that has several decades of combined experience in Dubai, we can handle the digital marketing requirements of clients based in almost all industries.